Who is the Injury Doctors Group?

We believe that every injured person should have access to proper injury care.   When involved in an automobile accident many things can happen.  Often times people are injured.  They may feel pain immediately or sometime after the accident occurred. Although hospitals and traditional doctors are experienced in treating many conditions, they may not be versed in the treatment and correction of accident related injuries.   

The Injury Doctors Group is a dedicated group of doctors that understand your pain and have the knowledge and experience to treat your injuries.  Our goal is to help you not only start feeling better again, but to also properly treat the injury so there is less chance of you having ongoing future problems.

Each of our doctors have decades of experience and have partnered with the Injury Doctors Group to offer their great service, caring attitude and proper healthcare to people with injuries from accidents.  We have 20 offices from Vero Beach to Boca Raton and we are sure that there is one that is conveniently located near your work or home.

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Injury Doctors Group is a Chiropractic Medicine Referral Group
Offices from Vero Beach to Boca Raton
James Cima, D.C.  -  Helen Bartosek, D.C.  -  Les Cohen, D.C.  -  Leon Gonyo, D.C.  -  Steven M. Horowitz, D.C.  -  Steven A. Jarecki, D.C.  -  Thomas Kleinman, D.C.  -  Arthur A. La Bella, D.C.  -  Michael Marks, D.C.  -  Erich E. Menge, D.C.  -  David N. Migdal, D.C.  -  David R. Mote, D.C.  -  Kevin Platt, D.C.  -  Thomas Rheinberger, D.C.  -  Terry Rothstein, D.C.  -  David W. Shaw, D.C.  -  Charles Simpson, D.C.  -  Marc Weinberg, D.C.  -  Andrew Hope, D.C.  -  August La Ruffa, D.C.