"Whether your injury was great or small, we are a dedicated group of doctors that understands your pain and have the knowledge and experience to help you start feeling better again"
What you need to know if you were in a Car Accident! Out of work due to your accident? need a paycheck?
Injury Doctors Group is a Chiropractic Medicine Referral Group
Offices from Vero Beach to Boca Raton
James Cima, D.C.  -  Helen Bartosek, D.C.  -  Les Cohen, D.C.  -  Leon Gonyo, D.C.  -  Steven M. Horowitz, D.C.  -  Steven A. Jarecki, D.C.  -  Thomas Kleinman, D.C.  -  Arthur A. La Bella, D.C.  -  Michael Marks, D.C.  -  Erich E. Menge, D.C.  -  David N. Migdal, D.C.  -  David R. Mote, D.C.  -  Kevin Platt, D.C.  -  Thomas Rheinberger, D.C.  -  Terry Rothstein, D.C.  -  David W. Shaw, D.C.  -  Charles Simpson, D.C.  -  Marc Weinberg, D.C.  -  Andrew Hope, D.C.  -  August La Ruffa, D.C.